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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the State Employees Federal Credit Union offer?

Opened 88 years ago in 1934, STATE EMPLOYEES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION (SEFCU) has about 505,365 members and employs 1,451 full and part-time employees offering various banking and financial related services such as Checking & Savings accounts, ATM/Debit Card Program and more.

Where is lgfcu located?

323 West Jones Street, Suite 600, Raleigh, NC 27603 © 2022 Local Government Federal Credit Union. All rights reserved. Rate comparisons used throughout the LGFCU site are based on the lowest rate available or when payment is made by automatic draft. Your calls to the Credit Union may be recorded.

Does Local Government Federal Credit Union serve all of North Carolina?

There's a credit union for everyone in North Carolina, including you! Learn why banking with a credit union is better. I'm definitely pro-LGFCU. It's like a big family.

What are the state chartered credit unions?

List of State Chartered Credit Unions 1 1st Northern California Credit Union 2 1st United Credit Union 3 1st Valley Credit Union 4 Alta Vista Credit Union 5 Altura Credit Union 6 allUS Credit Union 7 American First Credit Union 8 America’s Christian Credit Union 9 Arrowhead Central Credit Union 10 Atchison Village Credit Union More items...

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