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Frequently Asked Questions

Are secured credit cards better than prepaid debit cards?

The greatest advantage secured cards have over prepaid cards is that it helps you build your credit score as you use it. Secured credit cards also offer more flexibility in your spending, and some offer rewards programs, benefits and other perks that aren’t available on prepaid debit cards.

Should you get a credit union credit card?

With bank card fees and high interest rates on the rise, credit cards from a credit union might make better financial sense than a traditional bank card. Credit unions, which are non-profit financial cooperatives owned by their members, generally offer more reasonable rates and fees on their credit cards than banks.

Does USAA offer an unsecured credit card?

You MIGHT find in your USAA offers one day soon an pre-approval for one of their unsecured credit cards. Just because you have a secured card with them doesn't mean at all you won't qualify for one of their other cards sooner or later. Focus on that and make that your goal if you want one of USAA's unsecured cards.

Does TD offer a secured credit card?

The TD Cash Secured Credit Card is an enticing secured credit card in that it earns cash back rewards with every purchase. Cardholders enjoy 1% cash back on all purchases; a rewards rate on-par with some unsecured cards for bad credit – namely the Credit One Platinum Visa. However, the TD Card has an annual fee of $10 less than the Credit One card.

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