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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Star Wars Battlefront II worth it?

Pandemic Studio's Star Wars Battlefront 2 is still a classic for a reason. The game as much content as its 2017 spiritual remake, though with much more of it focused on making the single-player experience worthwhile. Though things like the graphics and controls may not have aged well, there's always mods to help modernize the experience a bit.

Does Star Wars Battlefront have local multiplayer?

There is local multiplayer, but it's so basic and barebones. It feels tacked on. The survival mode, is pretty basic. It's nothing special. And the versus mode only allows for like 5 AI on each team, and it's just a poorly thought out team death match where you have to pick up these tokens to get credit for killing someone.

When will Star Wars Battlefront 2 be released?

LucasArts announced that Star Wars: Battlefront II has a rock-solid release date of 11/01, which ties in the Revenge Of The Sith DVD debut. Adding to the in-home Star Wars adventure is the release on Nov. 1 of the eagerly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II from LucasArts - the sequel to the best-selling Star Wars video game of all time.

Is Battlefront 2 not launching?

Star Wars Battlefront is certainly a fantastic game for video game lovers but it shows many bugs while computing. Here, in this case, Star Wars Battlefront 2 not launching error is about starting the game. Thus, you can try the easiest and simplest method to counter this error, which is reinstall the game or check for any updates.

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