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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do floods happen in St Louis County?

Flood Maps St Louis County? Among the rivers flooding around Hermann and Jefferson City is the Missouri River. Fuchs said the most important region flooding takes place along that river. St. Petersburg has also been benefitted by the river, according to him. How Do You Know If A Flood Is In Your Area? Is My House In A Flood Zone New Orleans?

How big was the 1993 St Louis flood wall?

The 52 foot St. Louis Flood wall, built to handle the volume of the 1844 flood, was able to keep the 1993 flood out with just over two feet to spare. The flood had its origins in an extended wet period starting 9 to 10 months prior to the onset of major flooding.

When did the Mississippi River flood in Missouri?

As of March 10, 1973, the Mississippi River reached flood stage and wouldn’t crest until May 26, 1973, according to NASA. The streets became rivers as trucks turned them into river navigation. There was flooding in homes, businesses, cars, and even swimming pools. Flooded cars in St. Does St. Louis Missouri Flood?

How many flood stage records were broken in Missouri?

In the St. Louis National Weather Service (NWS) forecast area, encompassing eastern Missouri and southwest Illinois, 36 forecast points rose above flood stage, and 20 river stage records were broken. The 1993 flood broke record river levels set during the 1973 Mississippi and the 1951 Missouri River floods.

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