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Frequently Asked Questions

How much rain did St Louis get in July 2022?

Radar-estimated rainfall (contours) and reports flash flooding over the St. Louis metro area on July 26, 2022. St. Louis averages 3.93 inches of rain for the entire month of July. They picked up more than double that amount in about six hours Tuesday. Put another way, it was more than their average for July and August combined (7.31 inches).

What happened in St Louis during flash flooding?

Helicopter crews spotted significant flash flooding in St. Louis city and county, including the St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis Metro routes and several north St. Louis County neighborhoods. Many roads or interstates have had closures or delays amid flash flooding.

Where are floodwaters in St Louis?

Floodwaters also were collecting on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River, including the East St. Louis area, where parts of interstate highways or their ramps were temporarily closed, the weather service said. Water covers much of MetroLink's Forest Park-DeBaliviere station in St. Louis on Tuesday morning.

Where did Fox2 travel Tuesday morning to see flash flooding?

FOX2’s news crews traveled to several destinations Tuesday morning to show damages, police response and traffic impacts from the heavy rainfall. The Nissan Rogue Runner drove through the St. Louis region to get an up-close look at the action. Among the places hit by flash flooding and featured in the photo gallery above:

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