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Frequently Asked Questions

What are new and preliminary Missouri flood maps?

New and Preliminary Missouri Flood Maps provide the public an early look at a home or community’s projected risk to flood hazards. This page is for homeowners who want to understand how their current effective Flood Map may change when the preliminary FEMA maps becomes effective.

Where can I find a flood map?

How to View and Obtain Flood Maps. The FEMA Flood Map Service Center (MSC) is the official online location to find all flood hazard mapping products created under the NFIP, including your community’s flood map. Map Service Center. National Flood Hazard Layer.

What is a flood rating in Missouri?

The rating is specific to the building (rather than a blanket rate based on a flood map). Flooding is generally the most common and costliest type of disaster Missouri experiences, but standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover flooding, so it’s important to have protection from damage associated with flooding.

What does it mean to restore floodplains?

Restoring floodplains is a key strategy for communities grappling with annual flooding along the Mississippi River from Iowa to Missouri to Louisiana. As floods throughout the Mississippi River Basin become more destructive and unpredictable, communities are changing tactics to give the water a place to go.

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