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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the chance of flash flooding in St Louis?

According to NOAA Weather Prediction Center warning coordination meteorologist Alex Lamers, the rainfall rate measured early Tuesday morning had only a 0.1 percent chance of happening in any year in St. Louis, based on historical data. Radar-estimated rainfall (contours) and reports flash flooding over the St. Louis metro area on July 26, 2022.

What happened in St Louis during the new year's flood?

During the New Year’s flood, roughly 7,000 buildings near St. Louis were damaged, two interstate highways were closed for several days, the community of Valley Park was evacuated, and two Metropolitan Sewer District plants were swamped so that sewage was dumped directly into the water.

What happened in St Louis?

Torrential rain hammered St. Louis late Monday night into Tuesday morning, smashing an all-time rain record and triggering widespread flash flooding throughout the metro area. Follow our live updates page for the latest breaking news on this major flash flood. There are aspects of this event that stunned even our team of meteorologists.

What if the Mississippi River overtook the levee at St Louis?

The Mississippi River came close to overtopping the levee at St. Louis in 1993, during a flood that was well above the 200-year level and in places reached the official 500-year level. If a real “200-year” flood occurred today, the city would be inundated, Criss said.

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