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Frequently Asked Questions

What is snapshot replication in SQL Server?

Snapshot replication is used to provide the initial data set for transactional and merge replication; it can also be used when complete refreshes of data are appropriate. With these three types of replication, SQL Server provides a powerful and flexible system for synchronizing data across your enterprise.

Why do SQL server replication agents block each other when applying snapshot?

SQL Server Replication Agents may exhibit blocking when applying snapshot - Microsoft Support Replication agents block each other while applying snapshot Behavior is by design Work around is publish into different subscriber databases

Why does snapshot replication require a large bandwidth?

Also, if the articles being replicated are large, snapshot replication will require a large bandwidth. The snapshot agent is responsible for creating files with the schema of the publication and the data.

What happens if a database snapshot is unavailable?

The snapshots of a database must be on the same server instance as the database. Furthermore, if that database becomes unavailable for any reason, all of its database snapshots also become unavailable. A file provided by the NTFS file system that requires much less disk space than would otherwise be needed.

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