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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up a read only replica in SQL Server?

To connect to a read-only replica using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), select Options Select Additional Connection Parameters and enter ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly and then select Connect

What are the benefits of using a read only replica in SQL Server?

Directing read-only connections to readable secondary replicas provides the following benefits: Offloads your secondary read-only workloads from your primary replica, which conserves its resources for your mission critical workloads.

What are the prerequisites for sql server read only replica?

Read replicas are available for SQL Server versions 2016–2019. The source DB instance to be replicated must be a Multi-AZ deployment with Always On AGs. Read replicas are only available for DB instances running on DB instance classes with four or more vCPUs.

What is read-only routing in SQL Server?

Read-only routingrefers to the ability of SQL Server to route incoming read-intent connection requests, that are directed to an availability group listener, to an available readable secondary replica. The prerequisites for read-only routing are as follows: To support read-only routing, a readable secondary replica requires a read-only routing URL.

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