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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track changes in Merge Replication?

To track changes, merge replication (and transactional replication with queued updating subscriptions) must be able to uniquely identify every row in every published table.

How does merge replication handle conflicts?

Therefore, conflicts can occur when updates are merged and merge replication provides a number of ways to handle conflicts. Merge replication is implemented by the SQL Server Snapshot Agent and Merge Agent. If the publication is unfiltered or uses static filters, the Snapshot Agent creates a single snapshot.

How do I initialize a subscription for Merge Replication?

Expand the Replicationnode. In the Local Subscriptionsfolder, right-click the subscription in the SalesOrdersReplicadatabase, and then select View Synchronization Status. Select Startto initialize the subscription. Next steps You have successfully configured both your publisher and your subscriber for your merge replication.

How to remove replication in SQL Server?

You can remove the replication by running the Transact-SQL script that is generated by SQL Server Enterprise Manager or SQL Server Management Studio. However, if you cannot generate the Transact-SQL script to remove the replication, you can manually remove the replication by using system stored procedures and other Transact-SQL statements.

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