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Frequently Asked Questions

What does isnull do in SQL?

SQL ISNULL Function. In SQL Server, the ISNULL( ) function is used to replace NULL value with another value. This is because NULL has been replaced by 100 via the ISNULL function, so the total becomes 300 + 100 = 400. In MySQL, the ISNULL( ) function is used to test whether an expression is NULL.

Where to use isnull in SQL queries?

SQL Server The SQL Server ISNULL () function lets you return an alternative value when an expression is NULL: SELECT ProductName, UnitPrice * (UnitsInStock + ISNULL (UnitsOnOrder, 0))

How do you check for null in SQL?

To determine whether an expression or column is NULL or not, you use the IS NULL operator as follows: expression IS NULL. Code language: SQL (Structured Query Language) (sql) If the result of the expression is NULL, IS NULL operator returns true; otherwise, it returns false.

How do you use null in SQL?

NULL keyword is used to insert NULL value in specific row. We use NULL keyword in INSERT statement at place of value. If a column is define as NOT NULL at the time of table creation then we can't put null value in that column. Statement that create a table with default value. create table mcnemp.

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