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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dictionary definition of spectatorship?

Define spectatorship. spectatorship synonyms, spectatorship pronunciation, spectatorship translation, English dictionary definition of spectatorship. n. An observer of an event, especially a sports contest. spec′ta·to′ri·al adj. spec′ta·tor·ship′ n. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language,...

Are We ironic spectators of staged spectatorship?

‘What we are being given as ironic spectators of this staged act of spectatorship is a complex chain of fabricated misrepresentations as generators of identity.’ ‘Revisiting these anecdotes tells us something about nineteenth-century curiosity, but also about our own attitudes towards spectatorship, consumption, and desire.’

Is this the future of football spectatorship?

Surely this is the future of football spectatorship. But as an intellectual exercise, and an allegedly serious meditation on the nature of spectatorship, it is specious and inert. Not often, since directors can go to considerable lengths to emphasize the partial nature of spectatorship.

Can psychoanalytic theories of spectatorship help us understand film viewing?

Psychoanalytic theories of spectatorship make several assumptions that raise doubts about its ability to serve as a suitable model for understanding film viewing. First, in this model the spectator is always rendered a passive subject of the film text]

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