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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wine Spectator The Best Wine Magazine in California?

Whether you want to know about an emerging wine region, a rising talent in the wine world, or get a list of the best value California wines, Wine Spectator is your best bet. The only knock on this wine magazine is the content can be more advanced than some of the more general interest magazines that cover wine and food.

Who owns Wine Spectator?

Founded as a San Diego -based tabloid newspaper by Bob Morrisey in 1976, Wine Spectator was purchased three years later by current publisher and editor Marvin R. Shanken. That year, its panel of experts blind tasted and reviewed over 12,400 wines.

What is the best wine magazine to subscribe to?

Wine Spectator is an American lifestyle magazine that focuses on wine and wine culture, and gives out ratings to certain types of wine. It publishes 15 issues per year with content that includes news, articles, profiles, and general entertainment pieces.

How is wine rateed in Wine Spectator?

Wine Spectator, like most other major wine publications, rates wine on a 100-point scale. The magazine's policy also states that editors review wines in blind tastings.

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