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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we make solar panels more affordable?

Add a temporary “market transition credit” to lessen some of those higher costs for households that want to go solar. The credit would be available for four years, with homes that install solar panels locking in the savings for a decade. In Southern California Edison territory, the credit would start at $5.

Are solar panels “cost effective”?

In 2018, California became the first state to require solar panels on most new homes. But that requirement was predicated on solar-powered homes being “cost effective” - and the California Building Industry Assn.

How much does rooftop solar cost?

He told me one of the utilities commission’s biggest mistakes is assuming that rooftop solar costs $2. 34 per Watt, based on data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. He pointed to a different data set from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory showing that installed system costs actually hit $3.

Will $600m help pay for solar panels for low-income homes?

NRDC senior scientist Mohit Chhabra told me he’s especially pleased with the $600-million equity fund, which he expects will help pay for solar panels for low-income homes.

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