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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Softonic virus and how to remove it?

How to remove a Softonic Virus from your computer? The Softonic Virus is a popular threat which targets end users pretending to be affiliated with the popular Internet download portal. It has many versions which all propose to be official application or files associated with Softonic.

What is softsoftonic?

Softonic – a well-known download website that offers a large variety of free applications. While the site is notorious for distributing bundled software, it has its own browser hijacker that takes over Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or another browser.

What is Softonic ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software that steals computer data and scrambles it so the victim cannot gain access. It basically encrypts user’s fil Softonic is a popular website that's used by millions for downloading free games, software, application, movies, and much more.

What is Softonic malware?

Dangerous Application Installers — Malware containing the Softonic name can be inserted in setup packages of often used applications. Web Browser Plugins — The strategy of embedding the malicious code into extensions that are made available for the most popular web browsers.

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