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Frequently Asked Questions

How to shift lock in Slayers unleashed?

How do you get shift-lock in Slayers Unleashed? Press the “Alt” key on your keyboard to enable shift-lock in Slayers unleashed, which will lock the camera perspective while you’re in third-person camera mode. It is a common feature in many Roblox games that allow for a better moving experience.

How to get dual swords in Slayers unleashed?

you have to get the Remise skill, the Riposte skill, and then you have to unlock the Dual Wield skill after that. you can do it on the Practice Arena's immediately though by just putting a one handed weapon in each hand. in the Novice arena I think it's the One Handed Sword and the Ball Mace. #14 Finnie Sep 6, 2016 @ 11:52pm

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