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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Sheeran by Lowden guitars are there?

The Sheeran by Lowden range comprises four S (small body) and four W (Wee Lowden) models, and for the purposes of this review, we’ve got our hands on one guitar from each series.

How did Ed Sheeran get his first Lowden?

Ed Sheeran’s first Lowden was a gift from his friend Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol. It was a relationship between player and guitar that got off to a good start – Sheeran used it to write five songs on his 2014 album x, which has since sold over 14 million copies.

Why eded Sheeran guitars?

Ed Sheeran plays both player friendly sizes which are ready and responsive at home, on stage, and on the road. George Lowden designed the guitars for the player, for uncompromising tone and playability with a careful choice of woods to ensure innate natural beauty.

Where are Ed Sheeran’s guitars made?

These guitars are made in Ireland with beautiful wood and there’s nothing else like them.” - Ed Sheeran This opens in a new window. Meet the Maker. George Lowden. George Lowden’s career began at the age of 10. Desperately wanting to play a guitar but with no money to buy one, he decided to build it for himself.

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