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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sheeran by Lowden?

Sheeran by Lowden are a range of newly designed guitars born out of a friendship between Ed Sheeran and George Lowden. They offer aspiring musicians a guitar with great playability and tone using materials with high sustainability credentials, all designed and built in Ireland. The Sheeran Range.

Why eded Sheeran guitars?

Ed Sheeran plays both player friendly sizes which are ready and responsive at home, on stage, and on the road. George Lowden designed the guitars for the player, for uncompromising tone and playability with a careful choice of woods to ensure innate natural beauty.

How did George Lowden start his guitar career?

George Lowden’s career began at the age of 10. Desperately wanting to play a guitar but with no money to buy one, he decided to build it for himself. When he later decided to make guitars for a living, he chose not to copy existing designs but pioneered his own ‘curvy’ soundbox shapes, a new internal bracing and more natural satin finish.

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