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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this MS Word configuration guide template for?

Download this MS Word Configuration Guide Template to document the configuration settings in your network, hardware, or software solution. You can easily modify this template, which includes sample text in each chapter to get you started.

How do I document my servers?

When tasked with documenting your servers, instead of beginning with a blank document, you can use a server documentation template or example to get you started and make the process a little easier. Our software XIA Configuration automatically generates your server documentation.

Should I use a server documentation template?

If you’re in this camp you probably can’t just pick a documentation template and use it as is for your purposes. The key word here is template, you can use the server documentation template as a starting point to build from.

Should I use a generic server documentation template?

A generic template simply won’t be tailored to your needs, it might contain too much information and details or it could be missing in areas which are critical to you. I won’t be redundant by writing out everything I think should appear in a server documentation template.

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