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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to cure my selective mutism?

Treatment for Selective Mutism can include psychotherapy and medication to address the anxiety that underlies the person's inability to speak in certain situations. Some children with Selective Mutism also benefit from speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, sensory-integration therapy, and other interventions that may be recommended by the main treatment provider(s).

How to get rid of selective mutism?

Treatment of selective mutism can involve a combination of psychotherapy and medication, though psychotherapy is generally the first recommendation. Some children with selective mutism have a co-occurring speech and language disorder.

What is selective mutism and is it for real?

Selective mutism (SM) is a well-established psychological disorder. It is a social anxiety condition in which a person is capable of speech only with a very few people and only in a very few situations. Many have thought SM is not genuine because the SM sufferer is fully capable of speech.

What does it feel like to have selective mutism?

Appearance: Many children with Selective Mutism have a frozen-looking, blank, expressionless face and stiff, awkward body language with lack of eye contact when feeling anxious. This is especially true for younger children in the beginning of the school year or then suddenly approached by an unfamiliar person.

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