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Frequently Asked Questions

What is selective process?

Selective processes are the means by which individuals' preexisting beliefs shape their use of information in a complex environment. Current interests and opinions influence the acquisition (selective exposure), evaluation (selective perception), and retention (selective memory) of political information.

What is selective action?

SELECTIVE ACTION. Measures by which a reinforcer could possibly have a larger impact on certain reactions as compared to others, specifically, its impacts are distinctive. SELECTIVE ACTION: "Selective action may occur during conditioning .".

What is a synonym for selective?

Synonyms for Selective: adj. •critical (adjective) discriminating. •discriminating (adjective) particular, judicious, persnickety, fussy, eclectic, discerning, select, choosy, picky, discriminative, careful, choicy, scrupulous, discriminatory.

What is a selective default?

A "selective default" occurs when a borrower fails to pay one or more of their obligations BUT continues to meet other payment obligations. For instance, a country may enter into "selective default" and fail to make payments on one class of obligations but continue to make good on every other debt obligation.

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