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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Security State Bank&Trust?

Security State Bank & Trust can meet your banking needs whether you enjoy visiting our branches and working with our friendly banking professionals or the convenience of banking online; anytime, anywhere. We're proud to say we're large enough to serve all your banking needs, yet small enough to know you by name.

What is Security State Bank&Trust's Non-sufficient funds service?

Security State Bank & Trust will strive at its discretion to pay non-sufficient funds items (except ATM withdrawals and daily debit card transactions) presented against your account instead of returning the items unpaid. There is no fee for this service if unused.

Why choose ssb&t banking?

Our SSB&T Banking Professionals can set you up with products and services that best fit your needs. We make banking easy whether in-person, online, or on-the-go with our mobile app. As technology moves us forward, we remain dedicated to providing old-fashioned person to person customer service blended with our suite of electronic products.

Why choose Security Bank for your home loan?

Talk with our friendly lenders to make your home loan process smooth and convenient. "Security Bank was very accommodating when we went through a large expansion project, and online check deposits have saved us countless work hours week-to-week. We can call anytime, and rely on an immediate response, which means a lot."

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