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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Schrems II judgement entail?

Customers of US cloud service providers must now themselves verify the data protection laws of the recipient country, document its risk assessment and confer with its customers. This article will explain what the Schrems II judgement entails for your business. Updated with new resources for your Transfer Impact Assessment. Reading time: 14 minutes

Is the Schrems II judgement relevant for intra-group transfers?

the EDPB confirms that the Schrems II judgement is relevant for intra-group transfers relying on BCRs. The same requirements for country assessments apply to transfers based on BCRs and, where necessary, supplementary measures might need to be put in place.

How did Schrems II affect US intelligence services?

Still, the role did not have the power to adopt decisions that would be binding on US intelligence services. Schrems II also dealt with standard contractual clauses (SCCs). It begged the question if the SCCs decided by the European Commission were valid in the context of transfers to the US.

How will the regulators react after Schrems II?

The regulators appear to be taking a measured stance allowing organizations to adapt their processes and infrastructure. Especially awaited is the guidance from the EU Commission and the European Data Protection Board on how to act after Schrems II, which will provide more clarity.

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