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Frequently Asked Questions

How deep is the mesh scenery in FSX?

The current stock mesh scenery for FSX (and Steam Edition) for the USA is LOD10 and represents a depth of 38-meter coverage. This package enhances the entire USA region to bring it up to L... Those who take flights to the European nation of Montenegro in FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D often feel let down.

What add-ons are included in the scenery section for FSX?

Some of the add-ons included within our scenery section for FSX are included in this list: Replacement airports 3D objects Scenery design software Global mesh and terrain packages Environment upgrades Local town scenery and partial area scenery downloads

What are scenery enhancements and how do they work?

Scenery Enhancements are a key part of expanding FSX, and it can make the world below you feel even more engrossing and enjoyable as you fly around. You can add in better detail to the world around you and extra forms of scenery like new trees and other extras that can totally alter the landscape that you fly across.

Is the FSX series worth playing?

Although the FSX series is highly regarded by anyone who has tried them out, they do lack a little bit of graphical prowess – at least in comparison to more modern titles. However, what it lacks in graphical strength can be changed by modders and this list of photorealistic scenery will provide your game with a whole new boost to the system.

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