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Frequently Asked Questions

Who convened the Assembly at Tejeros?

Tejeros Convention Source: Santiago V. Alvarez, general for the Katipunan The assembly at Tejeros was finally convened on 25 March 1897. The invitations to the meeting were signed by Secretary Jacinto Lumbreras of the Magdiwang Council, and he presided over the assembly.

Why is the Tejeros Convention so bland?

It was a detailed narration of the exchange of different views between each faction and how the election was conducted. The account was brief, and it simply narrates the story in the Tejeros Convention based on his memoirs and actual experience. It is somehow bland due to the lack of adjectives used to describe the situation.

What did the Magdalo do at the Tejeros Convention?

At the gathering in the Tanza parish house,those elected at the Tejeros Convention took their oaths office, which was officiated by Fr. Cenon Villafranca to the Magdiwang Council,the Magdalo posted troops to guard the Tarzan parish house and not to admit any unwanted Magdiwang partisans.

What did the delegates wear in the Battle of Tejeros?

It was March 22, 1897, Aguinaldo's birthday, when simultaneously the battle raged and the assembly convened at Tejeros. The delegates, mostly belonging to the Magdiwang, lazily moped that sultry afternoon to the spacious estate-house of Tejeros. Some of the men were barefoot; others wore burihats or were dressed in barong Tagalog.

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