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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are covered in army initial counseling?

In the Army, counseling is an almost daily requirement. Whether it's meant to guide a Soldier's growth, document career milestones, or correct improper behavior, it can be a challenge to find the words to adequately describe a Soldier's performance and potential.

What are some army counseling examples?

The most common type of army counseling that includes counseling for a specific event such as address a soldier for tardiness, failing an inspection, miss a suspense, and many more. The first-line supervisor conducts this counseling for new soldiers, NCOs, and Officers who arrive at the unit.

What is the purpose of army initial counseling?

This is why counseling is a requirement in the army, occurring regularly. Counseling considers the officer as a whole being and seeks to guide in various areas, such as the soldier’s growth, career development, and personal crises. It is also used to correct behavior and enhance potential.

What topics are covered in initial counseling?

A sample initial counseling for officers covering required reading, command climate and other key points. The documents hosted in the ACO Learning Center come from various sources. Although we have screened every document for quality control, there likely exist errors in content and typography.

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