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What is the appropriate poem for a funeral service?

If your loved one found magic and beauty in the ocean, this may be the appropriate poem for his or her funeral service. The sea is described as, “Glory of purple and glint of gold; Tenderest greens and heavenly blue, Shot with the sunlight through and through.” 3. “I Am Standing Upon the Seashore” by Henry Van Dyke

What is a good poem for a sailor?

This prayer/poem begins, “I am just a sailor, a protector of our land. A servant called to battle when my country takes a stand.” This would be a beautiful piece to include on the memorial card for a loved one who was a sailor. 17. “A Sailor’s Ballad” by Ruby Archer The sailor is reminded repeatedly to “never leave a loose end” in this poem.

What is a good poem about old ships?

There's a great poem by R.A.Hopwood called "The old way",and it is about old ships and when they "die"and its great, and appropriate for old tars. Over all the silken pennons float and shine.

What poem describes the moment when a sailor stands down?

And may there be no sadness of farewell, when I embark.” 14. “When The Last Hand Comes Aboard” by Richard John Scarr This rhyming poem describes the moment when a sailor is finally able to “stand down,” and accept his eternal reward.

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