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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the Romanian flag?

History of the flags of Romania. During the Wallachian uprising of 1821, they were present, along others, on the canvas of the revolutionaries' flag and its fringes; for the first time a meaning was attributed to them: "Liberty (sky-blue), Justice (field yellow), Fraternity (blood red)".

What do the colors of the Romanian flag represent?

Flag Day symbolizes Romania’s independence. Romania’s national flag is a tricolor blue, yellow, red, with colors arranged in vertical bands of equal size. It has a width-length ratio of 2:3. The 3 colors symbolize 3 Romanian provinces – Wallachia (yellow), Moldavia (red), and Transylvania (blue).

What color is the Romanian flag?

The Constitution of Romania provides that "The flag of Romania is tricolor; the colors are arranged vertically in the following order from the flagpole: blue, yellow, red". The proportions, shades of color as well as the flag protocol were established by law in 1994 and extended in 2001.

What is the flag of Romania?

The Romanian flag is a vertical triband. The used colors in the flag are blue, red, yellow. The proportion of the Romanian flag is 2:3. The Flag of Romania was adopted in 1989. The first use of the current flag design was in 1867.

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