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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Robinhood have a desktop version?

17 Jun 2019 • 3 min read. The Robinhood desktop app, called Robinhood for Web, was rolled out to all users back in spring 2018, as an alternative to this brokerage firm’s mobile app. In this article, find out how the two apps differ and whether the desktop version offers you any advantages compared to the mobile app.

Is Robinhood a broker dealer?

Robinhood is a discount stock broker that has certainly been a hit from its inception in 2015. Currently, the platform boast more than 5 million users. That surpasses the number of people who use popular brokerage E*TRADE. As of May 2018, Robinhood’s platform has hosted more than $150 billion in transactions.

Is Robinhood a brokerage account?

Robinhood is an anomaly in the brokerage industry because it doesn't charge commissions, whereas every other broker (including TradeKing) does. But price isn't everything, and you'll see that discount brokerages of all types make investing much more affordable today than it used to be.

Is Robinhood a stock exchange?

Robinhood stock is a stock that trades under the symbol HOOD on the Nasdaq stock exchange. When you buy stocks, you're buying fractional ownership in a company. Shareholders of stock get to share in the profit of the company through share price appreciation and dividends.

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