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Frequently Asked Questions

What does revoked means?

To revoke is to take away something, to render some decree that has already been made unenforceable, or to make something invalid. An example of revoke is when a doctor has his hospital privileges taken away.

What does it mean when your license is revoked?

If an individual commits certain offenses, the right to hold a driver’s license may be revoked. The term “revocation” means that the individual’s privilege to drive a vehicle is terminated for a period of time, after which a new driver’s license must be obtained.

What does revoke means?

revoke(Noun) The act of revoking in a game of cards. revoke(Noun) A renege; a violation of important rules regarding the play of tricks in trick-taking card games serious enough to render the round invalid.

Why is my license revoked?

The DUI/DWI Foundation states that a driver's license can be revoked for a number of reasons. The most common reasons for losing driving privileges are reckless driving, DUI conviction, failure to pay traffic tickets, refusing a sobriety test or being at fault in an accident that causes another person's injury or death.

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