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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of replication?

replication ( ˌrɛplɪˈkeɪʃən) n 1. a reply or response 2. (Law) law (formerly) the plaintiff's reply to a defendant's answer or plea 3. (Biology) biology the production of exact copies of complex molecules, such as DNA molecules, that occurs during growth of living organisms

What is replication biology?

The term “replication” refers first and foremost to copying, and genes are the self-replicating molecules of biology. Some critics (e.g., Lewontin 1991: 48) interpreted this to mean that a strand of DNA placed on a glass slide might start replicating all on its own.

What is the definition of replicate?

As a verb, replicate means to reproduce something, like research results or a piece of fine art. The noun replicate means something that has been reproduced, and the adjective replicate refers to the quality of being a reproduction. Replicates may not be exact copies of the original, in the way that duplicates are.

What does replicate mean?

The definition of a replicate is a repeat of something. An example of a replicate is an experiment in cell generation which is repeated. Duplicated, copied, reproduced, or repeated. A replicate sample. (biology) To reproduce or make an exact copy or copies of (genetic material, a cell, or an organism).

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