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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the consequences of not renewing your registration in Texas?

Your TX registration is considered expired after the last day of your renewal month. If you forget to renew, you will have 5 business days after the end of your renewal month to renew your plates without penalty. After the grace period you risk getting a $200 ticket.

How much does it cost to renew your registration in Texas?

Your vehicle's registration renewal fees include a number of factors, such as base registration fees, DMV fees, and local county fees. $1 Department of Public Safety Fee (pays for the TexasSure insurance verification system). Up to $31.50 for Local Fee. State DMV portion of inspection fee. $10 County roads and bridges.

What are the requirements for renewing your registration in Texas?

Texans have several options available to renew their registration. Proof of vehicle insurance will be required at the time of inspection You received a citation for expired registration (a 20% registration penalty fee applies) Your registration is expired (online renewal is allowed up to 12 months after expiration)

Can you renew your registration online in Texas?

If you don't have a TX DMV registration renewal notice, you can still renew online (as long as you're eligible and/or your county participates) or in person. Either way, it's your responsibility to renew your TX registration before it expires, even if you never received a renewal notice.

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