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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average pay for data entry jobs?

As projected by the BLS, the average hourly for data entry is $15. So, it could be anything between $5 and $25. If a company is promising something like $40 an hour or more, they are more likely to be scammers. It could be that the website is recent or that it misses crucial information like ‘About Us’ section or the contact information.

What are some legitimate data entry jobs from home?

Legitimate work-from-home-jobs and home data entry jobs exist. So we put together this list of places and companies that will help you find openings that fit your needs and skill level. 1. Axion Data Entry Services 2. Capital Typing 4. DionData Solutions 5. Flexjobs 6. Microworkers 7. SigTrack 8. Telus International 9. Working Solutions 10. Xerox

What are some companies that offer data entry jobs?

Here are the top data entry jobs and platforms that allow you to work from home: 🏆 FlexJobs Fiverr Upwork Mechanical Turk(Amazon) Virtual Vocations Axion Data Services DataPlus+ DionData Solutions SigTrack TDEC  Clickworker Microworkers The Smart Crowd AccuTran Global Birch Creek Communications Kendall Creek Communications GoTranscript Quicktate

What are some skills that are necessary for data entry jobs?

Essentially, you need these essential skills to work as a data entry clerk: What about Equipment? The essential equipment for data entry is a personal computer (laptop). Others include a high-speed internet device, an ergonomic chair, and a spacious working desk. Are There Data Entry Scams? The Red Flags and Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed.

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