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Frequently Asked Questions

How to administer NPH and regular insulin together?

shoot 50units of air into nph vial and withdrawl syringe. inject 10 units of air into regular vial and draw back 10u of regular insulin, withdrawl syringe, try not to get bubbles. Place syringe back into NPH and draw back to the 60 unit mark. If you go PAST 60 units...never inject mixed insulin back into NPH vial.

Can a home health aide give insulin?

Can HHA give insulin? Nurses will not typically go to a patient's home three times a day to administer routine medications. The aides will be able to give insulin injections to diabetic patients and emergency injections of epinephrine, used to treat anaphylaxis, Cook said. The state has to draft regulations specifying training requirements.

Is NovoLog insulin a regular insulin?

Novolog and Humalog are what we call *designer insulins* - not quite the same as Regular Insulin, but derived from it. Which is obvious since they act within 15 minutes or less. The main difference I've found between the two is in the preservative used .... some people have an allergic reaction to to the Humalog preservative and Novolog works better (and vice versa).

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