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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for school in Philadelphia PA?

New Student Registration New Student Registration is Open for all Grades Students who are new to the School District of Philadelphia should submit an Online Registration Application. Students who attended a District School last year but moved to a new address and want to attend their new Neighborhood School,

What is the student registration process?

This Process Street Student Registration Process is engineered to assist in welcoming a new student to an educational establishment and integrate them into the required systems and the community. This process is designed for smaller educational organizations and is engineered to be usable with or without a student information system (SIS).

How do I assign a student to a class?

Assign the student to the appropriate classes within your scheduling system. Use the form field below to document the classes { {form.Student_name}} has been assigned to. While the child is in the school, the educational establishment takes on loco parentis .

How to welcome new students in the classroom?

Another very effective strategy is to assign the new student a class mentor. This is someone that you choose who is responsible, friendly, and who you know will help welcome the student with open arms.

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