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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of registration?

What does registration mean? The number of persons registered; enrollment. (noun)

What does registering mean?

recording; -- applied to instruments; having an apparatus which registers; as, a registering thermometer. See Recording Verb form of the word register. The registering of the birth is easy as we can do it online together. How to pronounce registering?

What is a synonym for registration?

Synonyms for registration include registry, enrollment, enrolment, listing, matriculation, enlisting, action, authorising, authorizing and booking. Find more similar ...

What is abbreviation for 'registration'?

Registration number appears as [email protected]##, e.g. Abbreviation for Registration: 14 Categories Show 1 downvoted Suggest to this list Registration in abbreviations Share Registration Abbreviation page Usually an abbreviation "INN" is used in English letters.

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