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Frequently Asked Questions

How does BPME rewards work?

New BPme Rewards members will immediately receive 5 cents off per gallon on every fuel purchase through the following month. You will continue to receive a 5 cent per gallon discount on fuel purchases by spending $100 on fuel in a calendar month. Note: BPme Rewards is not valid in California.

What are the benefits of using the BPME app?

• Ongoing rewards and special bonus offers for additional fuel rewards, savings and discounts. • Conveniently review your fuel rewards details from the BPme app to stay informed on ways to save money on gas. • Securely store credit and debit cards for future visits to conveniently access your selected BPme payment. • Go paperless.

How do I check my BP Driver rewards transaction history?

You may check your BP Driver Rewards transaction history at If you feel a transaction is missing, please contact 1-877-852-3025 for handling. You may link up to 5 eligible Visa cards; however you will only receive the Linked Visa Reward on the first Visa card linked.

What happens when I use BPME to purchase fuel?

When using BPme to purchase fuel you will always be charged the stated credit card price.

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