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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy reading glasses? is the largest designer reading glasses store on the planet. Whether your look is classic, funky, retro, bold, colorful, trendy, or quietly bookish, we offer the best selection of unique readers, reading sunglasses, and eyewear accessories for men and women. You won’t find a larger selection of styles, colors, or shapes anywhere.

What do the magnifying lenses on your readers do?

Our readers are equipped with high-quality magnifying lenses that make it easier to read or do anything that requires really good eyesight at close range. They’re available in various preset magnification strengths—from +0.25 up to +2.75—and come with all of our standard lens treatments like scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings.

Are your readers as good as the lenses?

Ultimately, any pair of readers are only as good as the lenses. We take pride in ours being of the highest optical grade, and scratch-resistant. We carefully inspect each lens in-house to ensure optimal quality and durability. Additionally, we offer various lens coatings and filters.

What are the best things to put on your eyeglass case?

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