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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a ranch for sale in Wyoming?

With an average price of $3.6 million, the total value of around 400,000 acres of recently listed for sale in Wyoming is $394 million. Common game species to be found on ranches for sale in Wyoming include ducks, mule deer, geese, whitetail deer, elk, moose and bear.

What is for sale in Wyoming's northeast region?

LandWatch has hundreds of farms, ranches and other rural acreage for sale in Wyoming's Northeast region, including recreational properties, farms and land auctions. Based on recent LandWatch data, the Northeast region of Wyoming ranks fifth in the state for its combined amount of land currently for sale.

How many acres does the ranch have?

The ranch is comprised of 7,589 total acres, which includes 5,331 deeded acres, 240 acres of BLM Grazing Permit and 2,018 acres of State Lease. Historically it has been run as a traditional cow/calf operation, but would also be conducive to running yearlings. The farming operation includes 210 acr

What is landcoyote Creek Ranch?

LandCoyote Creek Ranch consists of approximately 885+ acres total with 400+ acres of deeded land and a 484-acre State of Wyoming Lease. There is variety of pines, cottonwoods, and aspens throughout the ranch. The rolling grasslands feature a variety of hard grasses that are rich in protein and known for packing the weight on cattle.

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