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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Racers Edge?

For over 30 years Racers Edge has been the leading manufacturer of quality race bodywork in Australia.

What kind of hoods do you use for drag racing?

No matter what vehicle you use for drag racing, we have fiberglass hoods and more to give you the performance and look you want for your car or truck. We carry G Body dash and Foxbody dash products, giving you the customizability you want for your drag race vehicle.

How do I purchase fiberglass parts?

BACK TO MAIN FIBERGLASS PARTS PAGE. Artfiberglass Sweet Home, Oregon 97386 USA: Phone 1-541-359-4708 [email protected] DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD PURCHASE IMPORTANT !!! To Purchase:Shipping is direct from the factory in the USA to your door. After contacting us to get your shipping costs and full price, you can use PayPalto accept bank cards.

Why lightweight fiberglass body parts?

New parts now in! Weight plays a significant role in the United States drag racing scene. If you want to outfit your car with quality auto body parts that boost your performance and reduce your vehicle’s weight, lightweight fiberglass body parts are your go-to solution.

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