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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Racers Edge car wash in Martinsville?

The Racers Edge Car Wash is located on Commonwealth Boulevard in Martinsville has been purchased by Express Wash Operations LLC (Magnolia Wash Holdings).

What is the edge express car wash?

✓ Sign Me Up! EDGE Express Car Wash is a state-of-the-art express tunnel with free vacuums and unparalleled customer service. Why join the Unlimited Wash Club?

Who owns Express express car washes in Virginia?

Express Wash Operations LLC, doing business as Magnolia Wash Holdings, based in Charlotte, N.C., recently acquired five premium express conveyor car washes in Virginia and North Carolina, including the Racers Edge Car Wash on Commonwealth Boulevard in Martinsville.

Where can I buy a gift card for a car wash?

Gift Cards from EDGE Express Car Wash are great for holidays, birthdays, or even just to say “thank you.” Please swing by or purchase at the pay station to find the perfect wash gift for that special someone in need of a visit to the car wash!

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