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What is the best thing about writing?

Poetry is a language at its distilled and most pure form! The best thing about writing poetry is that you don’t need to think much and simply keep on enumerating your feelings either in free verse or otherwise. Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has founds the words required to express it !

How does 50 famous authors find writing inspiration?

50 Ways Famous Authors Get Writing Inspiration J. M. Ledgard. J. M. Ledgard's first novel was inspired by a 1975 historical event in which 49 giraffes in Communist Czechoslovakia were slaughtered; he learned about this while he ... B. J. Novak. B. J. ... Urusla K. Le Guin. Like Willie Nelson, who once answered "Where do you get your ideas from?" with "The air is full of tunes, I just reach up and pick ...

Why do writers love writing?

Here are seven reasons why I love creative writing: 1. Creative Writing Provides An Emotional Outlet Creative writers have the ability to compose words that evoke emotion, convey a specific message, and create images much like an artist paints with a broad brush or precise pen. Language is their canvas and words their tools of the trade.

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