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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a quote sandwich?

What you need is a quote sandwich: support the quote with an introduction before and some elaboration after. Provide context* for the quote so the reader who is unfamiliar with the source can understand it. Use a signal phrase** or a sentence to lead in to the quote, using a comma or colon before the quote begins.

How do you introduce the first part of the sandwich?

The first part of the sandwich is the introduction. Here you will use a signal phrase to introduce the quote. Signal phrases are short phrases used to introduce a quote, a paraphrase, or a summary, and they serve to alert the reader that borrowed material is coming. Here are some examples of signal phrases According to X...

Is the sandwich idea useful in writing?

Nevertheless, the sandwich idea is a very helpful way to consider what needs doing. This morning I was writing with data and here is an example (from a first draft of a paper about cross curriculum work in schools) of how the sandwich works with a selection of transcribed speech from an interview.

What's a sandwich without the bread?

What’s a sandwich without the bread? A mess. A salad, maybe. The point is that it’s not a sandwich. Similarly, a quote without an effective lead-in before and an explanation after, like the bread supporting the filling of a sandwich, is not adequate to support your thesis and ideas.

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