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Frequently Asked Questions

What is quizizz?

Quizizz Find and create gamified quizzes, lessons, presentations, and flashcards for students, employees, and everyone else. Get started for free!

What is a Quizlet for teachers?

Quizlet for Teachers Engage your students in and out of the classroom, with interactive study material, learning activities and games. For teachers, the start of the school year is the perfect time to set up Quizlet classes. While folders are great for personal organization, classes… READ MORE

Why should I upgrade to Quizlet plus?

Upgrade to Quizlet Plus for teachers to use features like Class Progress. You'll have a detailed view of the students who have begun or completed their study sessions, as well as those who might need a little more encouragement. Ready to take your students’ success to the next level?

Can I make my own Quizlet?

If you want to make your own, Quizlet makes set creation fast with our predictive word and suggested images features. Learning is more fun with interactive study modes and games. Turn your materials into a classroom game that gets the whole class excited and participating.

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