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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the restaurant offer a gluten free menu?

You can actually eat gluten-free at fast-food restaurants and chain restaurants—if you know what to order. Eating gluten-free involves more than just avoiding items on the menu that have bread. You'll also want to look out for things made with malt vinegar, or heavy sauces where flour might be used as a thickening ingredient.

Is Quiznos honey mustard dressing gluten free?

Make sure that you request a dressing that doesn’t contain gluten. The cost of the Chef Salad is $7.00. If you would prefer a honey mustard chicken salad, the one at Quiznos is definitely a great option — it also has less than 500 calories. This salad comes with chicken, bacon, cheddar, and tomatoes — request a gluten free dressing.

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