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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Quizlet codes work?

Quizlet Live has codes that allow students to access the lessons that their teacher has made for them. But if you aren’t sure about using the codes or know how to use them, it can present an obstacle when students can’t join. This is how the Quizlet codes work and how you can use them to organize your lessons. How do I get a Quizlet code?

How do I use a Quizlet discount code?

First, copy the discount code by clicking the code on this page. Then head to Quizlet's website at and enter the code in the coupon code entry box during checkout. You will see either a confirmation message of your savings or an error if the code did not work.

What is the Quizlet app?

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Quizlet is the easiest way to study, practice and become an expert in whatever you’re learning. Create flashcards or find one to study from over 500 million sets created by teachers and students.

How do I get a Quizlet live code?

The only way to get a Quizlet Live Code is to contact a user with a teacher’s Quizlet account. However, almost all such users are teachers and are unlikely to agree to hold quizzes for fun. But you can also purchase a teacher’s account with your friends. Although it costs money, you can have fun quizzes with your friends.

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