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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play Quizlet live?

If they’re using smartphones or mobile devices and have the Quizlet app, they can scan a QR code to join. You need at least four students (two groups of two) to play Quizlet Live. Student names appear below the code as they join the game. (And yes, you can click a student’s name to remove him/her from the game.)

How do I get a Quizlet live code?

The only way to get a Quizlet Live Code is to contact a user with a teacher’s Quizlet account. However, almost all such users are teachers and are unlikely to agree to hold quizzes for fun. But you can also purchase a teacher’s account with your friends. Although it costs money, you can have fun quizzes with your friends.

How do I create a Quizlet game?

Make sure you’re logged in to Quizlet. Click the “Live” button to launch the game. On the next screen, you choose whether to display the definition and have students choose the term (free) or display the term and have students choose the definition (paid). Click the “create game” button to get started.

How many flashcards do I need to play Quizlet live?

Note: You need at least six flashcards in a flashcard set to play a Quizlet Live game with it. TIP: The second option — find an existing set — prompted the “in 60 seconds” title of this post. When I need to find a set of existing flashcards quickly, here’s what I do: Use a search engine. Type “quizlet” and what you’re looking for.

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