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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for quizizz?

Login to from a browser, and click on Sign-up on the top right corner. Sign up using your Google account or by entering your official email address. In case you have multiple Google accounts, click the relevant one. Share permissions by clicking the Allow option. Select the type of Account best suitable to you.

What can I do with quizizz?

Any kind of training or learning activity becomes more fun with Quizizz. You can create a Quizizz account for free and try it out yourself. Creating an account won't take you more than a few minutes and a free account gives you access to all available features on Quizizz.

Do I need a quizizz account to play a game?

Please note that participants do not need an account to play a game hosted by you. Anyone can join a game, as long as they have the right game code, even without signing up for a Quizizz account. Was this article helpful? 3 out of 3 found this helpful

What do you think of quizizz?

“ Quizizz is a teacher- and student- friendly platform for all school ages.” “ I can use Quizizz for almost every topic I teach. I have especially enjoyed the lessons ... because it makes lessons interactive without creating a whole new Nearpod presentation.”

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