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Frequently Asked Questions

What is quizizz?

Quizizz is a teacher-powered interactive learning platform. Easily find and create engaging activities students love and get the formative insights you need. Get started for free at Keeping Up With Quizizz: Free template for teachers! ‘Depth of Knowledge’ Question Type Cheat Sheet helps level up learning. Read more… Read more…

How can students use quizizz library?

Besides quizzes assigned by their teachers, students can also use Quizizz library to search for quizzes created and shared by other teachers and/or students. They can search for quizzes by grade, subject, language, number of questions, and more.

Do I have to create my own quizzes?

You do not even have to create your own quizzes, you can use Quizizz library to search for ready made quizzes created by other teachers and customize them the way you want before you share them with students. You do have the option to teleport a particular set of questions from others' quizzes and use them in your own activities.

What are the benefits of using quizzes?

From a student's perspective, this makes learning more fun with game-based interactions and an ability to work through a quiz using their own devices. For teachers, there is a host of pre-built quizzes to pick from as well as the option to edit and create their own from scratch.

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