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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to create quizzes online?

What’s the best way to create quizzes online? JotForm’s free quiz maker! Without doing any coding, you can easily build interactive, multiple-choice quizzes for your class — and even grade answers automatically. Put your students’ knowledge to the test with custom online quizzes or entertain your friends with trivia forms powered by JotForm.

What is an online quiz maker?

Build from scratch, copy entire activities, or make your own quiz by mixing and matching content to meet your students’ needs Our online quiz maker provides the exact insights you need to make data-driven instruction a reality. See overall performance, the toughest question or topic, and individual progress

How do I use the quiz login feature?

On the settings tab hit the 'Quiz Login' feature to get started. Our premium and platinum versions of our online quiz maker allow you to work together with your colleagues. Each member of your team can login to the Dashboard to access and manage shared content. Simply add additional users with the 'Account' section of the Dashboard

What are quizzes and how do you use them?

From lecture halls to Zoom meetings, quizzes increase audience participation and keep listeners interested throughout a talk or training session. So give your students or attendees an interactive quiz that will create an engaging learning experience. Make your own quiz in an instant using Canva’s easy-to-use quiz generator.

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